Renewable Energy development is what we do.

We are RENDCOR, an Austrian based renewable energy developer. Our mission is to realize sustainable and profitable projects in emerging and developing countries. We provide financing and know-how to select, develop and implement projects in the field of hydro- and wind power as well as photovoltaics based on profound knowledge in finance and engineering.

Our Development Focus


Hydropower is a reliable, sustainable and long-term cost efficient source of energy. Our team has 30+ years of extensive international hydropower experience.


We harness the power of the sun as a further alternative of clean energy production. Based on our long-term experience we have gained profound knowledge of the PV market.

Wind Energy

Wind, being one of the oldest power sources, is nowadays established as a serious alternative to conventional fuel for electric power production. We develop a wide range of wind power projects.

Our Regional Focus

Our primary regional focus lies on South
East Asia. Particularly Lao Peopleā€˜s
Democratic Republic.

Our Development Process

How we implement our projects from
idea to operational power plant.


Project Selection

  • Local development partners and our local RENDCOR Team identify and select a project

Concept Phase

  • Conducting economic and technical concepts in an early stage including expertise in banking and engineering
  • Assessment of market

Project Development

  • Acquisition of all relevant project rights
  • Project development in cooperation with international experts
  • Ensuring the bankability of the project

Project Financing

  • Debt - Banks
  • Equity - Investors

Project Implementation

  • Construction
  • PMC and communication during construction

Start Operation

  • Handover to investors
  • Start operation

What we offer you

What we bring to the table

Unique access to international development financing networks

High project returns through technical excellence and international project management standards

Compliance with international project performance standards

Comprehensive risk management from project selection to investor handover

Empowerment and sustainable development through advanced capacity building