Business Consulting

In case you already have development partners but seek consulting on
the highest international level. This is what we can offer you:

We make your project fit

From economic and technical feasibility to legal frameworks to bankability: Our development consulting services make sure that your project fulfills all formal requirements to be considered an exciting investment opportunity for international debt and equity investors.

Together we set and reach our milestones

After the project is selected our development consulting experts implement a project plan following international project management standards including all relevant milestones tailored to the development environment and our clients’ requirements. You can find further information in the provided exemplary development consulting process plan.


Project Selection

RENDCOR helps to identify and select a project


Concept Phase

  • Conducting economic and technical feasibility studies
  • Assessment of marketability

Project Development

  • Technical consulting in cooperation with ILF experts
  • Ensuring the bankability of the project

Project Financing

RENDCOR advises your search for suitable investors

We identify promising projects

The first step in successfully implementing renewable energy development projects is to identify the project with the best prospects. Therefore, our experts with their extensive experience and international expertise thoroughly analyze all project proposals and ideas.