Your benefits of being a local development partner

You are located in one of our regional focus countries and have a promising
renewable energy development idea? This is what we can offer you:

High project returns

RENDCOR development projects are based on profound technical and economic analyses as well as comprehensive feasibility studies and are characterized by managerial and technical expertise. As a result, we can provide our local development partners with high project returns and profitable long-term business opportunities.

Bankability through international project management standards

The issue of project bankability has long been considered one of the primary bottlenecks in attracting private and institutional capital for the execution of large-scale development projects. To make our projects bankable we rely on project development experts that follow up-to-date international project management standards in all relevant fields including legal and regulatory matters, technical feasibility, value-for-money analysis and the undertaking of social and environmental studies.

Access to international development project financing

Through our close partnership with the Development Bank of Austria (OeEB) we are able to access the extensive European Development Finance Institutions Network (EDFI). Additionally, we can provide substantial experience in sourcing and executing all required elements of the capital structure, such as equity investment, bank and fund loans, mezzanine capital and financial modelling.


Over 50 years of Austrian engineering expertise

In cooperation with ILF Consulting Engineers - one of the most reputable European engineering and consulting firms based in Innsbruck, Austria – we are able to offer analytic and technical expertise on the highest international level. The work of ILF is distinguished by a strong regional presence, professional risk management and more than 50 years of experience in successfully executing even the most demanding development projects. ILF experts are fully prepared to offer our local development partners end-to-end project development services based on economic goals and technical excellence.


Professional risk management - best practice

Inital situation


Expected IRR: 6,8 %
Expected NPV @ 9% USD -116,8 Mill.
Construction Time (Months): 48
Total Investment USD: 830 Mill.
Plant Factor: 53 %

Result: a bankable project


Expected IRR: 13 %
Expected NPV @ 9% USD 145,7 Mill.
Construction Time (Months): 36
Total Investment USD: 395 Mill.
Plant Factor: 70,5 %

Empowerment and sustainable development through advanced know-how transfer

Given the rapidly evolving economic environment in our focus region we consider know-how-transfer and capacity building measures as the key for successful long-term business relations. Our development projects are specifically designed to empower our local development partners to achieve sustainability and efficiency from project-management to technical execution.

In case you already have development partners we offer business consulting on the highest international level